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Wherever we are, our souls long for home cooked food. We often miss them in our daily run and begin to consume unhealthy foods. We, at Venuto, aim to give a healthy changeover to your food lifestyle. We present you with our yummy Granola Bars crafted with everyday kitchen ingredients. We believe in real energy from real food sourced right from our preservative-free kitchen.:

The word Vegetarian comes from the Latin word ‘Vegetus’, meaning “whole, sound, fresh or lively.” …

Our products are a nutritious and tasty combo of whole grains, nuts, dried fruits with a dash of honey. …

Our products are a total blend of naturally balanced Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, good fats and carbs. …

fight hunger
with a bite of goodness Anywhere Anytime.


elaichi almond

Spice lover? Here’s a healthy combo of flavourful Cardamom and crunchy Almond….

kaju almond

Nut-o-holic? Here’s a nutty fusion of exquisite Cashew and Almond with a mild ….

honey almond

Want to snack without worry? You can give yourself this honey dipped Almond ….

Venuto Five- Make you own Assortment Pack

What if you are a fan of all three flavours? Or What if you are ….

Is Your Snack Break Healthy?

Is Your Snack Break Healthy?

We have always wanted to eat out when we were kids. We used to wait for the day when we could eat frequently at the restaurant. Only when we moved out of town did we miss our mom’s food. Our soul longs for home cooked food and we compensate our hunger through junk food and snacks...

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We are on a mission to fight the hunger with healthy and nutritious
we would love you to join us on this mission. By buying a Venuto product
you not only fight your hunger but help in fighting hunger and malnutrition
in India. We have tied up with charities and organisations around India and
help them by donating healthy meals and bars to the needy. So, with every
bite of Venuto bar you take be assured that you are an important part of a
mission in fighting the hunger.

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Join the VeNuTo Army today!!

Join the VeNuTo Army today!!